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If you work in interior design and need art for your projects, then we can help...

We know the importance of selecting the right artwork for a project. Art is a crucial component in creating the desired ambience for an environment, whether through creating a powerful first impression for guests, or simply to evoke a tranquil atmosphere.

However, finding the perfect piece for an interior can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Navigating art dealers, brokers, auctioneers, gallerists and artists is a difficult and time-consuming process where visibility is often limited.

Why not outsource the effort of scouring the art market for the perfect piece?

We've designed our trade programme with you in mind. Our expertise and market access allows us to help you in finding the right artwork for your projects, hassle and cost free. Our simple process 'takes the hard work out of finding great artwork'.


"Really happy with the service and of course the beautiful paintings. Hopefully we’ll work together again on future projects!"

Freya Lavin - Run for the Hills Interior Design - London

We can...


​Help you discover exciting artists across a range of mediums/styles

Picture Hung

Pick out artworks to match interiors (or commission them)


Arrange for delivery, viewings or in-home hangings in some cases

Our Approach

Landscape Photography In Situ Conor Beary

1) Consultation

During the consultation stage of this journey, getting to understand your vision for the project is key.

Whether you know what artwork is needed, or need help deciding, we want to understand what you are looking to achieve within each project, so we can find artwork that matches your design choices as well as your clients.

We can work with anything from mood-boards and interior images to 'help me find artists like this'.

2) Fine Tuning

After carefully considering your requirements, we will bring together a collection of artworks tailored to your specific needs, chosen from diverse sources, and always of the highest quality.

From your feedback, we will then make the desired refinements until we find you the right fit, ensuring prices are always competitive.

We even work with artists who are open to creating commissions. So if you see a style you like, then more often than not we can ensure you get something tailored to your needs.

Alisa Lim A Po One Blue One Insitu Medium
Carol Peace Sculpture In Situ

3) Fulfilment

To make the process as easy as possible, we can liaise with multiple vendors and organise the details of purchase and delivery.

Whilst many of the artworks we offer come ready framed within the quoted price we can also offer bespoke framing where necessary.

Other services we offer include ordering the work on your behalf, arranging for viewings or coordinating details of delivery to site, all at no cost to you.

Our Guarantee

Whilst we understand that you may work on diverse projects with differing briefs; our access to an extensive choice of artworks, spanning local to international, emerging to established artists, and covering a range of medias means we can find artwork to suit all styles and tastes.

Even if our existing partners don't offer the artwork you need we will make every effort to track down those who do!

Ultimately you can rest assured that you are receiving gallery quality artworks, within the time frames that you need them and with flexible support from the beginning to the point of installation.

Talk to us today to get free, personalised art sourcing support for your projects.

Shelter From The Sky I High Res

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