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Want to sell more online?

Increase your visibility with a wider audience

Selling with us online means your works are shoppable 365 days a year, worldwide. Get your gallery and your artists work in front of thousands more customers looking for your work.

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Drive traffic to your website and your door

Rather than being an online sales platform where you're made to feel anonymous, ArtsHaus connects you with potential buyers so you can build meaningful relationships with interested customers.

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Increase enquiries, sales and profits

Our low maintenance solution allows you to sit back and relax as we manage your online listings for you, generating you sales for a simple, affordable % commission.

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How does it work?

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Step 1

We'll get you up and running by helping you list your gallery and artwork in less than 15 minutes.

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Step 2

Receive enquiries from interested buyers. Discuss directly with them whether they'd like to buy online or view in person.

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Step 3

Receive payment directly from the customer and pay your commission to ArtsHaus.

What makes us different?

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We make you more visible, not less

The idea of joining an online platform might make you feel like you’re giving up your individuality, and with other online platforms that might well be the case. However, on ArtsHaus we want to celebrate your uniqueness!

You have an individual profile which is (i) customisable and (ii) easily found. No other platform allows the public to find your gallery in such an easy and intuitive way, putting you on a level playing field with even the most established institutions.

You have the ability to share your expertise through our channels; whether you want to submit your own article to feature or just input to one of ours, we want to give you a voice.

We focus on home owners and trade, not just art collectors

We know that many art buyers are often uncomfortable buying art without seeing it in person, care about supporting local institutions and tend to be buying for their home. Our platform is designed to support these individuals on their journey to buying art.

That's why we provide buyers with the flexibility to buy online or come to view in person. We simply give them the inspiration and the tools they need to find what's right for them and then connect them to you - the experts.

We also work closely with a number of interior designers, architects and property owners who look for art for their clients and support them in finding the right choice for their projects. (Read more about our advisory services to trade here.)

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Value for money for everyone

'No win no fee' - market your artwork and gallery to thousands of website visitors, only paying commission on sales generated through ArtsHaus.

Our dedicated hands-on team is always there to technically support you. We work tirelessly - and spend considerably - to generate you more customers through our marketing campaigns which blend online channels (such as organic SEO, display and social media advertising, paid search (PPC), email campaigns and influencer collaborations) as well as offline print media (magazines, PR and industry publications).

The Whitworth Gallery Profile

Neil - Retail Supervisor - The Whitworth

“When the Whitworth re-opened in 2015, we launched a small range of limited edition prints made by artists that have exhibited at the gallery. This range has gradually expanded and has become a huge opportunity for growing our business and contributing to the future of the Whitworth, in its exciting exhibition programme and engaging outreach work. ArtsHaus has given us a platform to showcase our range to a wider market and so far even in its early stages has resulted in sales that we might not have otherwise got. We’re excited about the future of our working relationship with ArtsHaus and look forward to being able to reaching a wider network, giving more people the opportunity to buy affordable contemporary art.”

Want in?

We'd love to chat

Get in touch and we'll be sure to get back to you to discuss what's involved, our commission rates and how we might be able to work together!

To ensure we have a diverse selection of quality works available to suit any taste, style and budget, all applications are reviewed by our selection committee.

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