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Here we showcase a small selection of some of the most talented artists on sale at independent galleries around the UK.

Living or passed these artists have become widely sought after, whilst their work has been exhibited in many establishments of note in the UK as well as abroad.

Working in an array of different mediums, these artists all have a very distinctive style and focus which has brought them critical acclaim.

With many still practising and creating new and exciting work, purchasing the right pieces from these artists can present an attractive investment opportunity.

[Carl Melegari] - Carl Melegari's work often focuses on the human figure, exploring how the physicality of the paint combined with the density of pigment can give a sense of life radiating from the canvas: as if to evoke the vigour of the human form.​ Having always been a well-respected artist, his reputation was cemented when the National Library of Wales acquired one of his oils for the Wales National Collection​.

[Pure Evil] - Charles Uzzell-Edwards is a graffiti and street artist known better known by the cheeky moniker ‘Pure Evil’. “Having Pure Evil as a nickname is a bit of a joke,” Charley confesses,”but it’s a license to have fun with dark imagery. It reflects the darkness that’s in the world right now. You can’t just ignore it and do a nice picture of a unicorn. Unless it’s a unicorn with a rocket launcher on its head.”​

[Tom Hammick] - Tom Hammick studied at Camberwell School of Art, London (1987-92) gaining a degree in Fine Art and an MA in Printmaking. He is currently senior lecturer in Fine Art, Painting & Printmaking at University of Brighton. His work is held in various public and private collections worldwide, including The British Museum in London; and the Yale Centre for British Art at Deutsche Bank.

[Terry Frost] - Sir Terry Frost RA (1915-2003) first began to paint during the four years he spent as a prisoner of war in Germany. Frost later became one of the forerunners of abstract painting in Britain. His use of vivid colours can be traced back to his time as a prisoner, almost in antithesis of the drab, dull world in which he found himself.

[Geoffrey Key] - Geoffrey Key’s acclaimed career as an artist spans five decades thus far. He has built upon his early academic studies to achieve an important national and international status and reputation for his individual and diligent expression of form, light and colour. His work is included in collections such as Manchester Art Gallery alongside L.S Lowry.

[Bill Bate] - Bill Bate has always been inspired by the human figure and the effect light has upon it. He has used various ways of portraying the body such as dance, swimming and also boxing, but it is the body itself that interest him rather than the activities in particular. ​​

[Joan Gilchrest] - Joan Gillchrist is established as on of the foremost naïve artist of her time. Just as L. S. Lowry’s work depicts the life and times of the working class people of Northern England. Joan’s distinctive paintings of people going about their business will be forever identified with the fisher folk of Cornwall’s rugged Penwith Peninsula.

[Peter Wileman] - Peter Wileman is a Past President and a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. Peter’s style is bold and vigorous, both in the use of colour and handling of paint, as he explores the effect of light on his subject - most often the landscape. Creating supremely atmospheric paintings he works in varying degrees of abstraction. ​

[Carol Peace] - The work of figurative sculptor Carol Peace is shown and collected all over the UK, Europe, the Far East and United States. Her large-scale work is permanently on show at Glyndebourne and at the Dorchester’s country house hotel in Ascot. "Carol’s creations have a poise all of their own – elegant and caressing, they weave around each other like bronze and resin lovers."

[John Hammond] - John has established himself as one of Britain’s finest acrylic painters. His impressionistic style conveys an elusive sense of place. Travelling at home and abroad he makes detailed sketches and notes; then returning to his studio he conveys the atmosphere of the various places he has visited through a sensuous play on light and colour and visual clues.


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