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This just takes things to the next level 🔥🔥🔥. This house was designed and fitted by Peter Marino @petermarinoarchitect for clients in Palm Beach who happened to have a stunning art collection. Certainly helps when you have space for an original Léger 🙈! Featured in @archdigest
#FindYourOriginal Jan Parviainen uses an unusual technique known as 'light painting' to create these ghostly and ethereal photographs. A hand held light source is used to illuminate a subject or shine directly at the camera whilst taking a long exposure photograph. Either the light source or the camera is continuously moved to create a streaking effect - like painting with light⚡! #FindYourOriginal The lotus flower is a symbol of beauty, purity and regeneration and has been the focus of Dang Phuong Viet's work for almost 20 years.
Being a Buddhist, Viet's works are associated with the enlightenment. He said, “Buddha is likened to the lotus. Like a lotus that rises out of a muddy pond, Buddha rose above the defilement and sufferings of life”.
His textured and colourful style is simply a joy to behold. More in bio!
#FindYourOriginal *New Best finds for under £500*
Idle by Melinda Matyas
Watercolor and gouache on paper.
£300 - Size: 30cm W x 40cm H
Romanian born Melinda Matyas says "My inspiration is my own life, my own observations of lives of other people. In my work I strive to capture the things that lie beneath the surface". #FindYourOriginal Anyone else sick of the weather 🙄. Take me away pleeeease 🙏! I'm certainly being carried away by this lovely painting by Alex Bertaina anyway. In his words, 'painting is for me this dreamed landscape' - take me to your dreams Alex!
DM to see more!
#FindYourOriginal 'Working Horses' is a commanding painting from the talented Anthony Amos.
Anthony portrays the physical and often threatening powers of nature and man.
Often painting on large boards, Tony’s physical approach involved the casting off of brushes in favour of his fingers and rags.
His signature use of bitumen and oil paint creates a unique sepia tone offering a nostalgic sense of history and respect for a bygone era.
Link in bio for more!
#FindYourOriginal Little bit in love with Ray Martin's imposing abstract landscapes! He was picked as one of Saatchi's New Sensations the same year of his graduation in 2014, so definitely one to watch!! #FindYourOriginal 🙈 who knew I should have been putting the art on the shelves! This leaning display at fashion designer, Malene Berger's house has certainly given me some inspiration 🤩
#FindYourOriginal 'Heavenless Bliss' by Mark Thompson.
I don't know about you but I've been quite enjoying the snow! ☃️
However, I did think this painting rather magically captured the bleak icey cold which can descend in the night!
Mark spends a lot of time travelling round Scandinavia, Finland and Alaska to get his inspiration, so we know he's seen his fair share of snow!
#FindYourOriginal *New Interview* 🤩 The immensely popular Scott Naismith discusses with ArtsHaus his 'atmospheric abstractions' - paintings inspired by the rugged coastline of Scotland, but abstracted to capture the atmosphere of a place.
See link in bio!
#FindYourOriginal These visitors to @bilsandrye were fascinated by the work of Jamel Akib. It's obvious to see why!
His work, always contains a keen sense of movement and vitality. The initial sketched marks are highlighted rather than removed from the final painting conveying an energy in the subject, but also the artists hand at work.
So far he has illustrated the covers for 3 booker prize finalists!
See more with link in bio!
#FindYourOriginal *New editions available* As #Banksy continues to shock and delight us with his escapades and murals, we know a lot of people are on the look out for his work. We offer a great selection so send us a message if any of the above (or others) tickle your fancy 😏
#FindYourOriginal I know it's cold here but it reached -30C in Chicago! ❄️🌨️❄️
A few brave visitors still made it to Anish Kapoor's Cloudgate. One of the largest permanent outdoor sculptures. 📸 by Brian Kersey.
#FindYourOriginal There's something so delightfully vivid and confident about this piece by Steven Heaton that I can't stop looking at it!
Part of this month's must see abstracts on ArtsHaus 🖤 (Link in bio)
Oil on canvas, antique walnut frame.
#FindYourOriginal Stephen Page's sculptures focus on the essence of the creature
Excess information is stripped away and the shapes are honed down and simplified creating a pure smooth skin in order to observe form and space with the utmost clarity.
This economy of means gives the work a timelessness and permanence, which is uniquely appealing.
Link in bio for more! So simple but so elegant 😚. Sometimes it just makes sense to get 4 of a kind 😏.
@dminteriors Wow, it's great to see John Duffin's work all brought together in one place.
So impactful to see London from every angle in this fabulous gallery wall.
Just impossible to just buy one 😉
DM for details!
#FindYourOriginal 'Bus to Nowhere' by Jamie Andrews
Mixed media & acrylic on canvas - Box framed.
Jamie's highly distinctive pictures combine elements which at first glance seem simple, even naïve.
But look again and, despite his light touch and misleading, cheery innocence, Andrews' works are extraordinarily expressive: witty, ironic, angry and tragic, and handled with a dark humour which goes straight for the jugular on every subject from religion and sex to politics and pollution.
DM for details!
#FindYourOriginal Fantastic to see some of my favourite figurative artists together!
This display shows off David Storey and his wonderful impressionist style scenes alongside the delightful ceramics of Pierre Williams.
DM for links to see all their work 😊
#FindYourOriginal Excited about a whole new collection of works coming to ArtsHaus very soon 😎!!
DM for details about anything that catches your eye 😏

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