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Who said the bathroom was off limits for art!? 😏
#FindYourOriginal #Banksy says it best ....
#brexit #brexitmural Shortlisted for BBC wildlife artist of the year, Jo Quigley's work has a precise quality which is sharp and often stark.
This results in a punchy quality which certainly grabs your attention!
See link in bio for more!
#FindYourOriginal If you're feeling the January blues you need to be checking out the work of Stephen Farley!
Working in metal, paint, pigments and neon his work is always a lot of fun! 😎
Link in bio!
#FindYourOriginal Blown away by this drawing by Patsy McArthur 🖤
She is best known for her draughtsmanship but the play of light on the water brings an amazing new dimension to her figures.
Behind each work is a narrative, a moment in time frozen as her figures are caught in motion.
See more incredible charcoal drawings in bio!
#FindYourOriginal Bucket list?? 😍A pair of giant, stone hands emerge from the verdant hills of Vietnam lifting a gleaming bridge toward the sky. Cau Vang (meaning "gold bridge") opened in June last year in Da NangSuspended almost 4,600 feet above sea level, the bridge combines eight sections and stretches 500 feet long. The hands appear weathered as if constructed centuries ago.
An amazing feat of engineering, art, architecture and design. 👏👏
#FindYourOriginal I know we're meant to be doing dry January but....🥂anyone?
#FindYourOriginal Mongolia is one of the most traditional regions in China. It has maintained along its thousands years a great connection with the land, the spiritual and traditions.Many of Hada’s paintings reflect the ancient Mongolian custom to offer the Gods, friends and family the “white fabrics” as a gesture of peace and opening your heart and soul to others.This painting is entitled 'Mercy'.
DM for details!
#FindYourOriginal Checking out the elegant curves on this one 😍 - 'Twist' by Peter Brooke Ball is a new foray into wooden sculptures for a man who has been sculpting in stone and bronze for the last 40 years!
Clearly he can work in any medium. 😼 Check out his other innovative creations in bio!
#FindYourOriginal Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf is fascinated by female identity. In her paintings precise figuration  coexist with looser abstraction.
Faces are masked, altered, changed, aged, her working process involves many different applications of paint and sometimes other material; pouring and spilling over, allowing paint to make spontaneous markings.
The interplay of oppositions, of clarity and dispersion, a deliberate allegory for a female identity.
Discover more about her process in bio!
#FindYourOriginal Vietnamese art reflects an interesting mixture of influences from both China and the French from during the colonial period.
Le Thanh Son was a pioneer of the French impressionist trend in modern Vietnamese art. Using large brush strokes he applies thick paint directly to the canvas in a bold, liberal and daring yet emotional style.
Le Thanh Son particularly cherishes natural scenery and is specially inspired by Mother Nature’s marvelous change of colours through four seasons.
#FindYourOriginal 'With how sad steps, O moon, thou climb’st the skies;
How silently, and with how wan a face.' From Astrophil and Stella
A poem to match 'the poetics of space' - a series of ethereal moons on canvas painted by Patrick O'Donnell. Each glorious in their own right but amazing together 🌝🌚🌜🌛
See more in bio!
#FindYourOriginal Plans for this evening?
We're just hanging out like this fella. 🙃
'The Red Tattoo' is characteristic of John Byrne's signature style. His chunky figures of a naiive style were what got him noticed in the early seventies. Since then he's had a winding career in art,  television and theatre production. A fascinating character, in 2007 he joined the prestigious list of Scotland's Royal Academicians.
Explore his story and work in bio!
#ArtsHaus We're loving Ashley Hanson's large scale abstracts.😍 His 'City off Glass' series is inspired by 'The New York Trilogy' a detective novel by Paul Aster. In these paintings you see glimpses of New York city in the lines and shapes and blocks of colour.
Comprising 62 paintings they formed an incredibly rich and colourful window into Ashley's interpretation of the city and its characters.
Just a few paintings remain unsold - take a gander on ArtsHaus.
#FindYourOriginal Happy New Year! 🎆
Hope 2019 brings you everything you wish for! 🎆 What's your New Year's resolutions??
#Banksy How would you like this to be your Sunday reading room 😍!?
#FindYourOriginal 'Flood'  183cm W x 122cm H
Andrew Fish is able to conjure up vivid images with just outlines, silhouettes and suggested figures.
Tending to work on large canvases, his work has an incredible gravity and depth of colour achieved through numerous layers of oil paints.
Capturing fleeting moments his paintings always have a beautiful ephemeral nature.
Explore more in bio!
#FindYourOriginal "Good paintings are like diary pages- free from the self-editing that goes on when the painter worries what others may think." Luis Morris enjoys creating paintings that straddle the boundary between Abstract and Representational and the female form is a returning muse for him.
Interestingly he spent 13 years as a banknote designer with De La Rue but now pursues art as his full time career.
Discover more in bio! #FindYourOriginal "Colour is everything, the harmony of colours together on the canvas and the thick, creamy blobs of paint on the surface inspire me every time." Painter Vicki Norman spent years studying with master painters from across Italy and the USA, all the time searching for traditional skills and methods which can be applied to paintings of a modern world.
Naturally she was drawn to the classic impressionist style. Putting an emphasis on atmosphere rather than detail, and colour as the vehicle through which she seeks to capture light and place.
#FindYourOriginal Outside the UN sits this sculpture which reminds us of the pledge of the organisation to end gun violence.
Always an appropriate message no matter what the time of year! (But Happy Boxing Day! 😊) #FindYourOriginal

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