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Abi Whitlock studied at Leeds University in 2011, since graduating she holds a career as a contemporary acrylic painter, working and living in Devon. Abi takes inspiration from the coastal area of Devon, trips to the beach and outdoor pools. Swimming in the sea reminds Abi of childhood memories from learning to swim, thus feeling her artistic endeavour. The artists first discov...ery of the extraordinary experience of being underwater and holiday’s abroad snorkelling, also inspire her to create her fluid life like paintings.
Her work focuses predominately on the human form and how the mind and body are affected when immersed in water. This is mirrored by the way light is refracted and reflected, distorting and enhancing colour and shape. Whitlock captures the way entering the water enables the swimmer to enter an altered state of mind; a form of escapism from the real world.
Abi puts great emphasis on minute detail in her work. This impacts almost aspect of the painting with depth, which in turn gives the observer the sense that they themselves are becoming immersed along with the swimmer.
The artists beautifully and exquisitely focused paintings depict to their audience an immediate idealistic grace, whilst maintaining hidden depths. The reality of beauty is ultimately masked and distorted by the artists use of water to reflect and retract light, thus obscuring the perceived beauty of the human form.

Although Whitlock works in a hyperrealist style; the way she paints water creates natural abstraction within her pieces. Water and its interplay with light generate unusual, distorted and complex patterns, altering the perception of everyday images.

Abi has been shortlisted for Artists and Illustrators 'Artist of the Year' Award 2018, won the CASS Young Artist award at the National Open Art Competition 2016

and the Creative Award for 'With the Current' chosen by Lawrence Alkin Gallery 2016 and has exhibited nationally.
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