Alan James Thompson artwork for sale and artist biography

Alan Thompson was born in Hyde, Cheshire in 1940. He studied at The Regional College of Art, Manchester (now known as Manchester School of Art) from 1957 to 1961, obtaining N.D.D. in Painting and D.A.

In The Regional College of Art, Thompson studied painting under Harry Rutherford, Ian Grant, Harold Williamson, Douglas Dyson, Morgan Hewinson and Fred Dean. He also met Ge
...offrey Key, whom he later exhibited with occasionally in Manchester and various venues in the North West along with Trevor Grimshaw, who he met some years later.

He works directly from observation and is not interested in the light effects of a passing moment or in literary connotations, but in the question of form and structure used to try to give expression to the enduring features of the natural world and not be merely decorative. Another feature of Alan’s work is that he never uses more than seven colours in a painting. Each is done with oils applied directly from the tube on to a primed wooden panel.
Alan’s work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy and Royal Scottish Academy, as well as at numerous exhibitions in the North West.
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