Aldo Balding artwork for sale and artist biography

Aldo Balding was born in Southsea and studied at the faculty of Art and Design in Southampton and he now lives in the Languedoc Roussillon region of France.

Aldo’s ability to render the human form from any angle was nurtured and perfected from his early career as a storyboard illustrator in the advertising industry.
Beginning his career as a freelance illustrator in
...London, the agency world also taught him about the structure of narrative, translating a complex message within elegant compositions and expressive gestures.
His work appeared on the front covers of numerous magazines including the Sunday Times Culture Magazine, TV Times and Punch. His portrait commissions included the Miss Pears winner in 1996 and his work was selected for the BP Awards at the National Portrait Gallery and shown at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

Shape and form are as important to Aldo as the people and places he paints and many of his pictures have been influenced by the patterns created by the body language he sees around him. The way a person holds their body can say far more about their feelings and intentions than their words and this inspires him to catch the mood of the moment.

His uncanny ability to suggest more than we can see has made him a recognized and outstanding figurative and portrait artist, whose work is collected worldwide.
He has exhibited solo exhibitions internationally and group exhibitions such as the 2018 Barcelona Museum of Modern Art MEAM Exhibition. He has also won the award for ‘Best of Show’ Bold Brush Competition in 2013.
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