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Alex Uxbridge was born in 1950 and grew up at Plas Newydd, Anglesey. His education started off in Exeter college studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics, continuing on to Sussex University gaining a PhD in International Relations. It was only until 1989 that he joined the Byam Shaw School of Art where he achieved a foundation diploma.
Uxbridge is an artist inspired by p
...oetry and song, be it T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets or Bob Dylan's Desolation Row; and a spirit of place. His island paintings are born of his unique relationship with the Anglesey of his youth. Knowing that he grew up in historic Plas Newydd with Rex Whistler's walk-in dreamscape of a magical harbour on the dining room wall,and cannons on the lawn facing across the Menai Strait to Caernarfon, summons up a whiff of a romantic ideal, of small children in a big house with a dressing up trunk, reading aloud before the fire, and a lost world charting the mysterious passage between child and adulthood. It was an upbringing which provides him with endlessly renewable scope for his imagination
Uxbridge lives a life of contrasts, straddling worlds, with studios in each and a different set of human dramas to depict, be it London witnessed from the top of the night bus, the chalk downs of red brick Wiltshire in the Kennet valley ( where he recently located) or remote North Wales where he grew up.
It is easy to think of Alex Uxbridge then as a straightforward traditionalist, simply observing the world. But presently that other truth reveals itself, and we are entangled by the strangeness of his subltle art.In my mind then the mountain shadows pervade the pictures, we discover touches of the grotesque or even the sinister within these frames, and it occurs to me that the minute silent fisherman just to be detected on the shores of Red Wharf Bay, alone in the empty winds beside a cold, cold sea - that melancholy figure may perhaps be you or me.Uxbridge has exhibited numerous one man shows throughout London and the UK.
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