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Painting mostly in Acrylics and mixed media Alexandra Richardson's nature inspired paintings are full of texture, and glitter. Instilling calm and serenity Alexandras painting draw you in and give you a feeling of serenity and make you feel uplifted through her use of colour and that extra little bit of sparkle.

Alexandra is a British artist born in Cornwall but spent mo of her teenage years in Virginia U.S.A. With an unusual ‘bohemian’ upbringing, Alex has been influenced by growing up on magical fairy-tale estate gardens (Trevarno) which shaped her creative imagination, traveling and living in Eco villages around Europe and spending her teenage years in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Now, she is mostly inspired by the Sussex country side and sea, enjoying regular explorations over the East Sussex Downs.

Alex has been a natural artist since birth and continued her artistic education at Brighton City College, specialising in Illustration and photography. After falling in love with painting Alex has taken great pleasure in teaching herself new techniques over the past decade, often seeking out new projects such as tribute work.

Whilst her main medium is acrylic painting, Alex also does furniture painting and restoration as well as other craft making. Alex takes inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and M. C. Escher as well as many other world famous and classical artists.

In an effort to give back to the community, Alex likes to immerse herself in supporting those held in police custody, and support formal charities such as The Erskine, Motor Neuron Disease Association and Save Madeira Terraces initiative.
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