Amanda Hoskin artwork for sale and artist biography

Amanda Hoskin studied at Falmouth and Chelsea Art School and spent several years working as a wildlife illustrator. She now lives and works in beautiful county of Cornwall and is very much influenced by the surrounding landscape.
After working in a very detailed way, after some time Amanda felt that she needed a change of direction and decided to do something totally differ
...ent. Amanda chose to travel during the winter months and it was during this time that she began to work on larger scale oil paintings.
In the late 90’s she moved to Fowey in Cornwall with her family and it was during this time that she began to paint seriously again and using a different technique and medium, she began to concentrate on the changing skies and landscapes around her and developed her technique, moving into oils from watercolor. Over the last few years her work has developed and changed into the recognisable style that people know today.
Her work combines technical mastery with fast, loose and expressive use of paint. Every painting captures the light and mood of the landscape that she knows and loves so well.
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