Artist Biography - Amanda Oliphant

Amanda Oliphant graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art at LJMU in 2002 followed by an MA in Art as Environment at MMU in 2006. Here, an understanding as to why her work is rooted within Art and Ecology became transparent.

For her, it is about forming a visual vocabulary that reveals and renews our kinship with the natural world, exposing elements that every day g
...o unnoticed. This is at the core of Amanda’s artistic practice and can be seen through her processes of making and sharing art.

With an approach to changing materials and presenting imaginary new worlds, she hopes to allow audiences to observe their surroundings differently, as art helps us to reconnect through sharing.

Amanda's art has under gone a process of development over a number of years, through a wide variety of practices including sculptor, new media, drawing, installation and most recently, painting within the landscape.
Her love for art continues to show itself within the skill of transforming ideas and materials into new creative assemblages, presenting artworks that engage further dialogue, but the desire to reflect her concern with ecological issues that interests her most.

She is described as a ‘manipulator of materials’ having a tactile and connective association to the objects and materials being transformed, Amanda’s range of artworks are metaphors for exploring the natural world through a variety mediums. Amanda is an active member of several artist groups, with future projects and collaborations on the horizon. Her artistic boundaries are frequently challenged.
Amanda is not afraid to experiment and admittedly had plenty of failures in the past, but treats those failures as elements of her artistic journey, believing as everything is interconnected.
After years of searching, Amanda has settled in a studio with great space, light, and atmosphere within the stunning location of the North West. She finds inspiration in old painting masters, such as Turner, capturing the presence of light. More recently, she is influenced by her passion for newly discovered artists and developing an understanding of abstraction.
Amanda exhibits nationally and internationally, and has collaborated with public art events including London 2012 Olympic Games, she also supports local art groups, and runs creative workshops from her North West studio ‘a p o a r t’ on the Wirral Peninsula.
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