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Amanda Ralfe trained as a teacher of art in the 60s, and then went on to study part time at the Bath Academy of Art where she taught children and adults for many years whilst developing her own work.

Her recent work is a result of an empathy with the Ridgeway landscape of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire and seascape of the north Cornish coast and west Penwith penin
...sular, drawing on the primitive and sculptural qualities of these landscapes which are devoid of man-made objects although.

Her work begins with detail drawings and watercolour paintings on site. It is important that her work starts in the landscape from which it draws its strength and inspiration.

These paintings are much concerned with the colour and sculptural quality of the land and sea together with an underlying sense of the primitive power of the natural order of things.

Drawn to the diverse areas of the Berkshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire Downs. Amanda believes these landscapes are marked by ancient tracks that link successive cultures, ancient tribes, drovers, traders and nomadic wanderers. She focuses her artwork on mans signature left over many centuries on the landscapes surface. As this continues, the human work within fields creates ever changing linear patterns colours and textures changing now with the different crops and seasons. The artist finds the constant interaction between man and land as a great source of inspiration.

Amanda uses mixed media and employs many different materials. She goes out in the landscape and her paintings start as watercolour sketches and drawings, attempting to capture the power and rhythm of the land. Amanda finished the works in her studio, where the dimension of mixed materials and interpretation come into being.

Amanda is a member of the Bath Society of Artists and has had exhibitions with the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions, RWA, Mall Gallery with many solo and joint exhibitions.
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