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Andrew Bird was born in Derby in 1969 and studied Graphic Design at Chesterfield College of Technology & Art from 1986-88. He then continued his studies completing a course in Design Communication at Granville College, Sheffield University from 1988-90. He then completed his education with a BA in Fine Art at Bradford College of Art from 1992-93.
Bird is based in Derbysh
...ire, and a frequent visitor to Cornwall, where he finds a huge amount of inspiration from both of these places. He is drawn in by the hustle and bustle of harbours and coastal life, as well as the rugged nature of the landscapes of Derbyshire and Cornwall. He has found that using the different areas of disciplines which he studied useful to explore and simplify the visual content of his
He tries to capture an essence of a place or situation as well as trying to simplify the form and colour of what he sees. The images are invariably made using sketched ideas and references from memory or the work is developed instinctively. He is interested in the relationships made using colour and contrasts as well as the interplay of forms and gestural mark-making. Elements within a painting are based on fleeting images, imagination and experiences, which perhaps aren’t visually representative.
His paintings undergo many additions, with a build up of layers, scraping, scratching and re-working the surface to reveal textures and colour below before he considers them ‘complete’ and finished.’
Andrew has worked as a Graphic Designer and Garden Designer since 1993, and as a full-time artist since 2010. He has exhibited solo exhibitions, most recently ‘Favoured Paths’ at Porthminster Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall in 2018. He has also taken part in group exhibitions for over 5 years and has been featured in Arczine Magazine, Blanket and Bone and various online blogs.
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