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Andrew Grant Kurtis was born in London and studied Graphic Design and History of Art at the Central School of Art and Design where he completed a Bachelor of Design degree with honours and later a Master of Art degree.

Andrew specialises in traditional oil painting, preparing his own pigments and mediums himself. He is well known and respected for his atmospheric landsca paintings, including the stunning Scottish and Welsh mountainous areas, as well as cityscapes like Venice, York and London; the latter being his place of birth and where he first obtained the City and Guilds Diploma.
In Andrew's paintings we see all the depth and thoroughness, all the devotion and patience with which he studies nature. Solitude and tranquillity is seen to permeate throughout his paintings using a palette of pure colours to produce his recognisable ensemble of subtle tints, in order to create a painting characterised by a specific technique of portraying light-suffused, translucent and pure colouring, which tends to emphasize the richness of the tones and to enliven the various colours with shades of differing density.
After his education, Andrew knew he wanted to develop his work in a more classical and traditional way. In the literal sense, he does this by carefully preparing his own pigments and mediums by hand, thus maintaining the science and craftmanship of the oil painting tradition.
He has had many graphic designs published and his paintings are established throughout the world, being collected and admired by connoisseurs and patrons of fine art.
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