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Ben Allen was born in Brighton, Britain in 1979 and is a self taught artist.

Ben Allen is most well-known for his controversial Pop paintings. Using a ‘collage’ style of unlikely juxtapositions, the dynamic paintings are complex mash-ups of popular culture that critiques the day-to-day dull and mundane, challenge the media’s view on sexuality and inspire a sense of freed

The application of paint, ink or collage on to a surface has been a compulsive, therapeutic habit ever since he returned from a trip to Mexico aged 19, where he first encountered the philosophical concepts of perception, inner development and mind-expansion which underpin the writings of some of his favourite authors including Carlos Castenada, one of his most significant and recurring influences.

Ben’s work is built on a foundation of experience, freedom of thought, experimentation and an ‘emotional synesthesia’. Music is vital to the creative process and the vibrant colours and abstracted forms of his evocative paintings and prints resonate with the with the beats that reverberate around his bright, open-plan studio. It is connected to emotions, too. The way he feels is reflected in each brush stroke, splatter or sprayed form, and these actions become an unselfconscious monitor of his mood and energy. Despite this intensity, the finished result is always considered and Ben will work on a number of canvases at any one time, moving between them, adding layers and references until he finds a resolution.

Ben's working technique means that the artist leaves his work largely unplanned. He describes his work as a visual ether of thought and suggestion, a silent dialogue of past, present and future. The artist is a master of media and materials, never sticking to just one, and some of his influences include comic book art, Japanese graphics, typography, physical communication, nature and the human condition.
As hinted at in his working style, Ben finds inspiration in the unplanned and unpredicted. Ben's practice is inspired by textures which surround us on the streets and on buildings - the rusting metals, corroded weather swept posters and billboards, all peeling and fading, revealing layers that uncover a new image.
Ben Allen’s journey as an artist has seen his work developed over 10+ years, becoming more and more sought-after, Ben travels worldwide for clients and events, where he often collaborates with other top artists. He releases his work only in small numbers and has a large history of international solo and group shows dating back to 2007.
Ben has produced artwork for many clients including Levis, Virgin, Channel 5 and The Hoxton Hotel. He has also exhibited his paintings in venues and galleries internationally as well as selling to the likes of Richard Branson.

His work is in private collections throughout the UK, in Australia, New York, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Korea, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Ibiza including clients such as Richard Branson. Jade Jagger. Stephen Dorff. Horace Panter. Sophie Ellis Bextor. Gordon Ramsay. Erick Morrilo. Lady Innes Daubney. With commercial clients LG. Nokia. Virgin. Levis. Vans. Estrella Gallicia. NME Magazine. Converse. Jamie Oliver. Subliminal Records.

He has also been featured in Huck, Design Week, The Observer, The Times, Elle Déco, Plus1, Time Out, Loaded and GQ magazines to name but a few.

He now currently lives and works in Cornwall.
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