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Benoît Trimborn was born in 1976 in Schiltigheim (Strasbourg) France. He is a graduate of architecture from the Ecole d'Architecture de Strasbourg, He dedicates himself to painting full-time since 2011.

Trimborn is renowned for his stunning, large-scale landscapes in oil on canvas. His emphasis on the ethereal quality of light and his focus on the natural world resul
...ts in an ability to transform ordinary subject matter to the extraordinary.Trimborn trained as an architect, he describes his work as ‘contemporary impressionism’. His focus on fleeting light and weather conditions combined with a textured impasto, creates the illusion of a transient and ethereal moment. Trimborn endeavours to capture the quality of the fields, lakes and forests in a visually contemplative way.
Trimborn’s extensive country and water scenes lack human forms thus they encourage contemplation and a careful study of nature. While the presence of humanity is, at times, hinted at by a well-­maintained field of crops or pasture of cows, his paintings tend to highlight the immeasurable vastness of nature and the relative smallness of everything else. His work brilliantly captures the changing seasons, the fleeting visions reflected in his pools of water and the complex relationships between light, water and the sky.
These compositions are visually stunning, but also meditative, maintaining an integrity for the French landscape and its intrinsic atmosphere. They say silence is a virtue, and indeed that is what pervades each of Trimborn’s paintings, even his titles are simple; this neutrality allows the essence of the landscape, the nature of it, to shine through. In this, and many other ways, the artist preserves the elemental qualities of his environs with a lyrical and poetic rhetoric.
His most recent solo exhibition is M Fine Arts Galerie, Boston, MA in 2018. He has work in the permenant collections of Galerie Ariel Sibony, Paris, France, Absolute Art Gallery, Bruges, Belgium, and Galerie Bertrand Gillig, Strasbourg, France.

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