Bruce Lyons artwork for sale and artist biography

Bruce Lyons is an artist based in Congleton, Cheshire.
His paintings are developed from ideas that he pursued through his interest in landscape and decay and particularly, rust.

Bruce's interest in the history of art combined with the experience of looking at artworks is long-standing and therefore there would be many influences prevalent in his work. However, he ha
...s always had a keen interest in the work of the Japanese woodblock printers of Ukiyo-e – the Floating World, the painters of the Renaissance, and twentieth century artists too numerous to mention.
His themes and techniques can be transient and his inspiration can come from many sources although all my current work is based on landscape, either eclectic, worked on from direct observation or from imagination.

He uses traditional oil painting techniques but alsos uses acrylic paint and have developed techniques which integrate iron powder and iron filings. Bruce is particularly fascinated by the different colours that can be attained by oxidation under various conditions.
Bruce uses a variety of media and methods to produce his paintings, often using materials such as sand and plaster to add texture to his work. He has exhibited nationally in solo and group shows. He is a member of ArtsXstra and has a studio at The Electric Picture House Artists Co-operative.
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