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Carl-Heinz Lieck, born in 1941 in Pomerania, started investigating the colours and shapes of his surroundings when he was still a child, fascinated by the diversity and richness of his natural environment. Whether they were structures of bark, the rough surfaces of stones or the fine lines in the faces of people, he was eager to study the different patterns and to reproduce the...m in paintings.

As early as 1954, he created his first pencil drawings, which were delicate portraits full of poetry.

Carl-Heinz Lieck studied arts and education and started working as a freelance artist with his own studio in 1965. His work was interrupted by study trips to the Netherlands and Southern Europe.

Today Lieck's work embraces a wide spectrum using various painting techniques. Besides drawings of landscapes, he has produced impressive oil paintings of flowers, pastels on the topic of "man", sculptures, palette-knife painting in combination with collages and oil, charcoal and watercolours.
Carl Heinz Lieck combines oil painting with collage in his works using a spatula technique developed by him. With the unusual combination of different techniques he creates works in which reality and dream world intermesh. Lieck's compositions are characterized by a playful harmony of forms and colors, light and shadow.

With a clear eye for the delicate, Lieck guides the beholder through his realistic yet dreamy paintings. Powerful blossoms grow on delicate constructions between enchanted buildings. Ruins, warmed by the sunlight, protect fresh fruit; Greek columns hide in the secrecy of a thicket.

Lieck composes his works in a unique manner with a special tone that makes dreaming and reality merge into each other. His extraordinary paintings have made the artist well known both in Germany and abroad and have given him a high profile in the international art world.
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