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Internationally acclaimed, glass artist, Charlie Macpherson, creates unique pieces of hand-blown contemporary glass for gardens and interiors, balancing the beautiful simplicity of his forms with a more complex use of texture, line and pattern.

Charlie has been designing and making hand blown contemporary glass for over 20 years. His work has won numerous awards and he h been commissioned by many leading organisations, including Shell, British Gas and Anglo American. He has Exhibited in Public Art Galleries such as Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery, Bolton Museum and Manchester Art Gallery.

Glass works include glass bowls and vases as well as significant glass sculptures. Each piece is signed by Charlie, adding to their provenance, and providing a reference for Collectors.

Charlie's glass create a symbiotic relationship with their surroundings, drawing in light and using colour, detail and transparency to move light around, producing reflections and shadows in the process.

Pieces begin life in the hot glass studio, using traditional blown glass techniques. He builds up layers of glass, trapping cane details between each gather, creating a depth and thickness. The pieces are usually built up in 6 or 7 layers depending on the scale of the pieces.

Once the preparation has been completed, they are blown into their intended shapes, often leaving a thickness of glass to be exposed in the polishing process. Once cool, the pieces are taken through 7 stages of cutting and grinding before being textured, sand blasted and given their final polish.This final step reveals intricate details, adding optical reflections and refractions to the thick polished surfaces.

He says "I aim not to be constrained by technique. Work out your ideas them think about how to make it. There's always a way." “As a maker, I have learnt to work with the fluidity of the material, rather than force it in a direction it doesn’t want to go. Each piece captures a moment, the glass almost frozen in time, from the heat and fluidity of the molten glass to the movement created as it is cools.”

The stimulating and aesthetic nature of his work has led to pieces being included in public and private collections in Europe, America, Hong Kong, Australia and Canada.
Charlie and his business partner, Amanda also specialise in working with super yacht designers and high end corporate art consultants, to design and create large-scale sculptural art in glass.
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