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Chris Buck studied at Redruth School of Art, Cornwall. He has worked in several foundries, which has given him a thorough knowledge of casting techniques. He is inspired by the St. Ives abstract artists, and is a Member of the Penwith Society of Arts founded by Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson.

His studio is in a converted byre, overlooking fields and hedgerows, and th brings a feeling of harmony with the natural world to his art.

Producing sculpture in both wood and stone, it is in bronze that he finds the greatest satisfaction, combining natural forms and industrial precision to achieve individual pieces of strength and beauty.

Artist Statement

Most of the work I produce is pure abstract and sand cast in bronze. I can generally visualise the finished piece the moment I start working with what will eventually become the pattern. This may be wood, cardboard, cloth, plaster, resin or whatsoever comes to hand. For me the evolution of a piece is an organic process. There is no planning or drawing. Rarely am I aware of what the trigger for an idea was; perhaps something glimpsed somewhere or a long forgotten find. I surround myself with found objects; the studio is full of treasures of all kinds, everything from cuttlefish to scrap metal. As soon as the casting arrives from the foundry, I work through all the finishing processes, grinding, filing, texturing, patinating, polishing and finally mounting. This usually takes several days and during this time I play with ideas for the next piece.

It still gives me a real thrill and sense of achievement to have a finished sculpture in front of me. To finally see the contrast between the polished surfaces and textured patinated areas, this combined with the challenge of producing a balanced piece, is to me what it's all about.
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