Clive Meredith artwork for sale and artist biography

Based on the south coast of England Clive Meredith is an entirely self-taught artist and has been working professionally since 1993 specialising in detailed portrayals of wildlife from both Britain and abroad.
Clive’s initial interest in wildlife and the countryside was fostered in his early years, brought up the son of a dairy farmer, and spending hours outside in the Shro
...pshire countryside birdwatching and larking about on the river Severn and its streams in his hometown of Shrewsbury.
Working in both graphite pencil and oils, observation is vital to Clive’s working practice. Each drawing or painting reveals meticulous attention to detail, achievable only by hours spent in the field observing and photographing subjects in their natural habitat.
Aside from wildlife watching and photography in the UK, Clive has travelled extensively in Asia and Africa in search of subjects for his drawings and paintings. As a result he has become renowned for the stunning realism of his images and an incredibly assured ability to inject real life and character into his works. Clive has a large collector base both for his original artworks and limited edition prints and his art has been extensively published. His artwork can be found in galleries throughout the UK and beyond, including in his brand new studio/gallery in his hometown of Warsash in Hampshire.
In 2010 Clive was named 'Wildlife Artist of the Year' by Wildscape magazine after winning the prestigious annual competition with his image ‘The Egret pool’ and appeared as a finalist in the DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year 2010, 2012 and 2013, with works exhibited at The Mall Galleries in London.
Clive's artwork is a reflection of his love for wildlife and nature, and wildlife preservation is close to his heart. Clive has recently donated his art to evens such as 'Explorers Against Extinction', at the Royal Geographic Society in Kensington. Through the auctioning of his work, Clive help raise money for charities actively involved in the welfare and conservation of iconic African species.

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