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Born 1966, London UK. Daisy Cook is almost completely self-taught. Beginning her professional career in earnest in 1995 her first show in London was virtually a sell-out and since then she has painted professionally and shown regularly in London at the Northcote Gallery, in the USA and in reputable galleries around the UK.

Her work is in a number of corporate collections
... including a commission for the Bank of England as well as those of celebrities including Julianna Marguilles, Geraldine James, Rory Bremner and Terence Conran.

The meeting point of land, sea and sky has long been a focus for Daisy Cook's art. She makes paintings which take landscape as their subject without being explicitly topographical or descriptive.

Through a suggestion of silvery clouds and mudflat she evokes a littoral: not a specific view or portrait of a place, but a larger statement about this type of country as a habitat for the spirit.

Daisy Cook works in layers, abrading and paring back the surfaces to reveal or partly reveal what is behind, giving a remarkable sense of depth and of time. Subtle in their lines and character, her calm potent paintings dwell in the mind.

Daisy uses oil paints that have been thinned down, and applies the paint in glazes across the canvas. Rather like a water-colourist, this allows the colours to bleed and run, creating an element of chance in the painting process. Despite the muted tonality, the paintings contain a surprising range of colours.

Photographs are used as reference, but the key energy of these paintings resides in Cook’s singular ability to recognise and identify the extraordinary in the ordinary. Her particular quality of recognition breathes through these images, animating them. Intuition and chance play their part, but they would be inert without the guiding principle of the artist’s vision.

"It is good to spend time in the company of these works: they have a particular way of disclosing themselves while light changes, blooms and fades… There is a sense of what some might call the ‘mystical’ which is never alluded to in a heavy-handed or literal way: it is simply the life that the light discloses and which in turn initiates change." Elizabeth Cook, poet.
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