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Dan Hillier has been working as a full-time artist since 2006 but was thrust into the general public's attention in 2014, when his stunning image 'Pachamama' was used by Brighton band 'Royal Blood' - on the cover of their chart topping debut album. 
His work is characterised by depictions of fantastical human/animal hybrids, spliced together with late-1800s imagery. They are
... generally collages created from bits and pieces of old Victorian prints, which he sources from woodcuts, engravings, anatomical drawings and various illustrations. Using Photoshop he reconstructs and re-layers the cutouts creating new images. 
Hillier’s beautiful, classically rooted images find their power in their unsettling effect, as they seamlessly blur distinctions normally implied by reality. The artist’s previous exhibitions include shows at the Saatchi gallery, the ICA and more recently, The Louvre.
Dan Hillier has been referred to as a Surrealist and Neo-Victoriana in the past


Group Shows

‘Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs’, Louvre, Paris ~ March to Sept 2012‘Zoanthropy’ , Natural History Museum, Turin ~ June – July 2012‘Theriantrhopy’, St Bart’s Museum of Pathology ~ April – June 2012‘Beasts Royal’, Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London ~ December 2010‘House of Fairytales’, Saatchi Gallery, London ~ November 2010‘The Unfairground’, Glastonbury Festival ~ July 2010‘One Foot in the Grove’, MuTate Britain, London ~ December 2009‘Horn of Plenty’, Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London ~ December 2009‘On/Off’, London Fashion Week, London ~ February 2009‘In Absence of Colour’, Strychnin Gallery, London ~ August 2008‘Soup’, Insitute of Contemporary Arts, London ~ July 2008

Solo Shows:

‘Fine-Feathered Beasts’, Printhouse Gallery, London ~ July 2011‘Dan Hillier’, Hoxton Square, London ~ June 2011‘Dan Hillier’, Think Conservatory, New York City ~ April 2011‘Feather and’ Claw, Wilton’s Music Hall ~ London 2011‘Dan Hillier’, John Doe, Turin ~ January 2011‘Dan Hillier’, First Out December 2009, London ~ January 2010‘Dan Hillier’, Precursor, Paris ~ November 2008 – February 2010‘Dan Hillier’, First Out, London ~ December 2006 – March 2007
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