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Award winning artist Daniel Sueiras Fanjul was born in Alicante in 1976 and he still lives and Works from Spain. In 2000 he studied sculpture in the University of Fine Arts in Santa Isabel de Hungria. He previously studied art with Will Wilson in the US and painting with Antonio López García in Spain.
His work has been exhibited worldwide in several galleries, Art Fairs and
...Biennials including in Madrid, Berlin, Taiwan, Korea, New York, London and Washington just to name a few.

Since 1996 he won several awards for his work. From the FUND Concession FRONTERASUR in 2009 and the 1st Prize in Certamen Confederación de Empresarios de Cádiz. In 2008 he won the 1st Prize in Ciudad de la Letras de Tomelloso and in 2006, he won the Painting Modality Alcalde Zoilo Prize. In 2001 he won the 1 Gallery Prize in Murcia, Spain and in 2000 he won the TALENS Prize by Fund Concession, in Barcelona and also the National Painting Contest from University of Seville. In 1999 he got a Honor Mention at the Antonio López Garcia Prize in Tomelloso and in 1996 he got a Honor Mention at the National Painting Contest from University of Seville.

His work inevitably catches the viewer attention at first sight, due to the playfulness and irony in the selected subjects, which are a commentary to our place as humans beings and a questioning to our understanding of the world that surround us.

His latest project, ‘Natural Selection’ is a tribute to Charles Darwin´s discoveries on evolution as well as an irony on some of its inevitable conclusions.

“I paint portraiture of animals, especially primates, usually framed within a baroque style to give a sense of the illustrious characters portraiture we can find in museums and other ‘prestigious’ places. The underlying intention of these portraits and the way I represent them, is for the viewer to rethink our standards. By presenting established cultural images in different contexts, the idea is to create a confortable place for us to laugh at ourselves as a species, and in a deeper level, to remind us that we belong to the animal kingdom. I deeply believe that the alienation of natural media lies underneath all problems we face as species.

My intent is always to provide a distinctive and profound psychological beat through all my pieces, in order for the viewer to feel observed by the work rather than the other way around. For the images soak through far beyond the painted panel.”

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