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Born in London in 1938, David Farrant has built a reputation as one of the finest figurative and portrait painters in the country. After training at Central St Martin’s, London David embarked on an impressive painting career during which he has exhibited at the Mall Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery and with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. He has also undertaken ov...er 20 portrait commissions and has work in private collections all over the world.

Whilst portrait painting was the focus of much of his early career, now David prefer to focus on figurative painting. His primary inspiration stems from everyday scenes of human activity. He enjoys hinting at a story in the composition of each painting, but it is the impact of light falling on moving figures and still objects, and the interplay of solid shapes and their complex shadows that is a constant inspiration to him.

"I look for my subjects anywhere that groups of people congregate - bars, restaurants, beaches, streets - but am often taken by surprise by a briefly glimpsed tableau that cries out to be captured.

When starting work on a composition I try to hint at a story - something to intrigue the viewer the way I myself am intrigued by my subjects. In addition to these narrative overtones, I also try to work within the framework of a disciplined formal structure, as balance seems to me to be one of the key elements in a successful image.

In order to recreate the setting of my subject, I rely partially on memory, but also work from sketches and, on occasion, photographs. When inspiration strikes I like to be able to paint without unnecessary delay, so my preferred medium is acrylics, as its quick drying property allows me to paint swiftly onto a dry surface."

Using these day to day images and outstanding observational skills Farrant creates wonderful paintings with muted colours and complex shadows. His large-scale compositions have a huge impact whether displayed in any setting.
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