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Born in 1945, Hensel had a varied education, including both medical studies and fine art, studying at Brighton College of Art in Painting and Sculpture BA in 1969.
David Hensel’s output covers many media, including sculpture in wood, stone and bronze, drawings and the jewellery for which he has been known internationally for over 30 years, in which he combines precious mater
...ials with a wide range of others, often carving semi-precious stones, wood or ivory to incorporate in pieces that then exist both as wearable jewels and pieces of personal sculpture. In recent work he has begun drawing in colour and sculpture, occasionally with a satirical aspect, is largely figurative.
He has exhibited internationally in places such as Los Angeles, New York, Stockholm, Paris, Mainz, Munich and Darmstadt, as well as group exhibitions in Goldsmiths’ Hall and the V&A Museum in London.
His fascination with scale illusion in sculpture and a delight in
modelling and carving a variety of materials has led to a personal
approach to jewellery design. This very personal type of sculpture,
which he began in 1975, has gathered international attention, with his work being included in significant collections.
In addition to private collections the world over, his work is in the collections of:
HM The Queen,
The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, Goldsmiths’ Hall, London
The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
The Arts Council of England, South East Arts.
The Koch Rings collection, Switzerland
The Victoria & Albert Museum.

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