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Diana Terry initially trained as a Three Dimensional Designer, obtaining a first degree in ceramics at Manchester Metropolitan University and an M.A. at University of Liverpool at the School of Architecture.

Diana held several teaching posts including Head of Foundation at Barnsley College. Her design background has undoubtedly influenced the approach she has taken to h
...er fine art practice, with an evident love of materials and process.

Her current work starts with walking and memorising being in wild places and the experiences of being in the outdoors. She captures these places on site observing and drawing. Working quickly means that these sketches have an immediacy which she carries on into the studio.

Frequently taking inspiration from the Pennine landscape she seeks to portray an emotional connection. Texture and materials are integral to her work and she enjoys evolving this building up the surface to a high relief. It is a contemporary interpretation of the sublime.She sometimes include solitary figures which are as timeless as the land, sea and sky, merging the inner with the outer world. It is the essence of a place that she captures.

She paints primarily in oil, but combine this with a variety of other media such as heavy gesso, mediums, inks and sometimes collage elements. She enjoys the process of developing areas as they emerge, rubbing back and building up, scratching into the surface and working with tools beyond the brushes, from palette knives and sponges to drawing implements, creating diversity in my mark-making. These techniques have also been developed into etching.

Her work is in both private and public collections in the UK and USA. She has exhibited in London, Manchester and Scotland
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