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Originally from Brighton, Euan Roberts is a London-based artist whose work focuses on the unspectacular. His naive and colour acrylic depictions of everyday people and objects that are often ignored are a reflection of the unrefined nature of human beings. And by focusing less on the end result, Roberts creates his art as a means of distilling thought on what he experiences aro...und him.
The artist creates odd representations; his aesthetic reflects the untamed nature of contemporary humanity, our wilder, more organic side, that modern society seeks to contain and control. Driven by the artistic working process rather than final result, Roberts compares his painting approach to that of jazz improvisation. By distilling the experiences around him, the final artwork usually feels visually syncopated and arrhythmic: a vibrant, tactile manifestation of musical sensitivity.
Robert's work plays out motifs of skulls, palm trees, boxing gloves and cacti. All symbols which style inherited from multi-cultural surroundings and which produce a feel of a contemporary Jean Michel-Basquiat paintings. Their naïve style expresses confidence, wit and guts.
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