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Born in Hertfordshire, England in 1967, Fletcher Sibthorp has had a hugely successful career as a painter since graduating with Honours from Kingston University in 1989.

On graduating he pursued a career in the world of book jackets, magazines and corporate brochures. Eventually he got a break as a painter. His first solo show, ‘In Motion’, was at the Stable Gallery in W
...andsworth. The work depicted gymnasts and athletes, and made such an impact that Fletcher began to specialise in sport-related work.

He won commissions for The Evening Standard, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, BT, the Royal Shakespeare Company and others. In 1995, Fletcher was approached by the Sadler's Wells Theatre to paint the Flamenco troupe formed by Paco Peña. Thus began his switch of artistic focus to the world of dance.

One of his Flamenco-themed shows took him to Japan, where he stayed for many years. He returned to London with a growing reputation and this led to a solo exhibition in 2005 with a Cork Street gallery. This was a great success. Fletcher subsequently won the Fine Art Trade Guild's poll as the most successful living British print artist of 2006.

Although predominantly known for these paintings full of drama and movement, his latest series, 'The Quiet Space' presents an opportunity for introspection personally, and for his subjects, with exciting results.

“The Quiet Space series is for me my most personal work... It represents for me, captured moments of human introspection and frailty, instants which exist and then are gone, whether an expression, the way light falls and catches the face, or a simple portrait."

"I have found reward over the years in producing artworks that just ‘are’. I attach no great meaning to them and I shy away from explaining them in any way... The simplicity of the paintings allows the viewer to naturally attach their own experiences and thoughts to the work. There is an underlying narrative in most of the pieces, but this is subtle.”

“I am not out to rock the world with my insights, but in some way I hope these paintings will touch the soul of someone, for a moment. If this is the case I have achieved what I have set out to do.”
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