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Ian was born in 1973 and studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England, Bristol. He divides his time between his home just outside of Manchester and the US. His work features amongst collections in New York and Cape Cod. He is a member of the Artists’ Association of Nantucket where he was awarded the Frank Swift Chase Plein Air Award 2014.

Ian grew up in Stok
...e on Trent, a city he still feels passionately about and returns to often to paint. His earliest memories are of sitting painting with his granddad, a well respected watercolourist in his own right, whose brushes Ian still uses to this day.
40 years later Ian is a full time professional artist, exhibiting and selling work as far as New York - and Still using his grandad’s brushes! In 2016, his mother discovered a box of slides depicting photographs of Stoke that Ian's granddad had planned on paint but passed away before he had the chance.
The artists recent work aims to take these photographs and produce the paintings his granddad never got the chance to. Many of the locations have changed since the photos were shot in the 70s, for better and for worse. Some house world class businesses, some lie quietly unnoticed. Inspired by his granddad, the artist attempts to continue his legacy through his own practice.

‘Ian Mood is an artist who is drawn towards the shifting vastness of the landscape; it’s unpredictability and awesome might. Through his work he seeks to capture some of the defining qualities of our brooding landscape: how, in the space of a single walk one can experience all the vagaries of the English weather system – from being caught in a sudden downpour to the unexpected flash of brilliant light that breaks through the pearly canopy of low-lying cloud.’ Michael Howard, Royal Society of Arts
In an age that seems intent upon commodifying natural landscapes into near non-existence, Ian offers a delicate reminder of the dynamic force of the natural world. He plays with both colour and composition to suggest surfaces and structures that seem barely there and yet possess an apparent sense of solidity. In his works, liquid touches of paint swirl, gather and disperse, like reflections on the surface of a disturbed pool of water, to create a perfect equivalence for the play of light and colour that characterises our experience of vast northern landscape.
Ians paintings have been shown in the Wedgwood Museum and Burslem School of Art, as well as other locations around the UK.
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