Javier de la Rosa artwork for sale and artist biography

Javier was born in 1984 and graduated in Fine Arts in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2007.

The essence of his work is the union with the feeling of life. In his work he explores the character of nature, both human and animal and how it progresses over time. He investigates ideas that link tradition and technology, the concept of globalisation appears subtly.
The evolution and adaptation to the environment are terms that he represents, he likes to imagine how they were, they are and will be at that time we have not lived yet.

From his beginnings in the world of art he have always wanted to express his idea of the world around us, its wonders and riches of our ancestors. Learn to imagine myths and legends…

He is passionate about having a piece in mind, create it and have it suddenly in his hands… That feeling is incredible, the sculpture, watch it in the dark with a dim light and stay stunned by everything that can teach you with its millions profiles.
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