Jim'll Paint It artwork for sale and artist biography

Jim'll Paint It is an internet legend who brings to life digital prints with painstaking detail using only an old-fashioned version of Microsoft Paint. Ranging from the surreal to the utterly bizarre - via parody, political satire and pitch-black humour - many of his artworks have been rendered, becoming icons of British internet humour.
The artist has been drawing for as l
...ong as he can remember, starting by drawing pictures for his friends on Facebook during school lunch breaks. Later in life, he used Photoshop professionally for many years but started using Microsoft Paint, finding its simplicity extremely liberating. The artist started to think about the humour in his work rather than focusing on gradients and vector paths.
The artist turned his attention to taking commissions for original artworks, designed from customer requests and created using Microsoft Paint. Jim has an eye for the odd and plays on dark British humour, using more detail than Paint should allow.
Jim’ll Paint It is a continuous collaboration between Jim and the thousands of complete strangers who send him their bizarre and brilliant ideas. His artworks can also be seen as a timely and nostalgic tribute to deceased Microsoft products. When Microsoft disclosed that they were discontinuing Microsoft Paint as standard in Windows software, the internet collectively stood aghast; therefore the artists artwork can be seen as a nostalgic tribute to the outdated technology.
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