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Jiri Borsky was born in Dobrany, Czech Republic in 1945. At the age of 15 he moved with his parents to Prague, where he lived and studied for the next eight formative years. He held his first one-man exhibition in Malostranska Beseda, Prague, in 1966.

He came to England in 1968 and worked as a draughtsman at the Wedgwood pottery company. He married in 1972 and settled in
... the Potteries. He became a British citizen in 1975.

He studied painting as a mature student, and was taught by Arthur Berry. He graduated fwith a BA (Hons) in 1979.

Since then, he has been a professional full time artist. He is represented in several public and corporate collections and numerous private collections in Britain and abroad.

His preferred medium is acrylic. This supports his technique of creating king textures in the painted image, giving his work a satisfying tactile quality.

His subjects are many and varied and often have an intriguing and deeply considered story to tell. His passionate love of music is also often reflected in his paintings (some of his images have been used by the music industry on CD covers). The symbolic intertwining of two lovers is also a recurring image.

Jiri Borsky likes to be involved in the whole presentation of his work. He often makes his own frames using wood that he might have found perhaps on a beach or in a garden. The result is a totally creative piece of work.

Over the years Jiri has exhibited widely and now it estimated that over 1,750 of his works are in collections worldwide.
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