Jiri Ptacek artwork for sale and artist biography

Jiri was born in Prague in 1977 and showed a keen interest in painting at a very young age.

After 4 years of private art lessons he was accepted into the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he studied for his Master's degree in Fine Art, graduating in 2001.

Exhibitions of Jiri's work have been held in Prague, extensively throughout the Czech Republic, and in B
...erlin and he is now expanding across to the UK.

Jiri works in various styles, using different themes to reflect the wonder and complexity of the world in which we live. His collection 'The Way Through The Darkness' is partly inspired by Jiri's experience of living in Berlin as a teenager and by his fascination with the natural darkness of the night sky and its power to change the form of whatever is below it.

Dark, both in theme and style, these almost monochromatic pictures capture a feeling of isolation and melancholy, focusing on industrial and urban landscapes, docks, or lonely and deserted shores.
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