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Born in Yorkshire in 1950, Jon obtained a BA in Business studies at University in Edinburgh. This lead him to pursued a career in marketing management. Over a 20 year period, he trained himself to paint to a professionally, until one day he decided to leave his career in marketing in order to focus on his practice full time.

Jon Barker enjoys a growing reputation and dem
...and for his work. Jon’s painting priorities are to express movement, power, sensitivity and tonal balance through his fluid and expressive style.

His ‘City Life’ series captures the movement and colour of people on busy streets and pavement cafés. The intention is to portray the mood and atmosphere of the moment, providing a glimpse into the lives of strangers who allow us to reflect on our own lives and reminisce about the places we have visited.

Deliberately anonymous, his characters allow our imaginations free reign. These are well-known places, but Jon's intention is to transport us from the realities of the real world to a more idealised one in which romance and a sense of protection prevail.

His 'City Life' series depict well know locations, but Jon's intention is to transport the viewer from the urban realities of our everyday to a more idealised place, with a sense of romance. The artists pictures the likes of Carry Grant or Audrey Hepburn would feel right at home there.

Compositional integrity and tonal balance are priorities. Jon will frequently draw, erase and redraw his figures many times until they are in just the right place.

"My work is carefully planned but once the basic composition is in place I try to switch gear to a more painterly and rapidly expressive approach.. I believe that it is important to take risks when producing art. I do lose some work when I experiment but equally something new and special may happen when working in this way.

Currently I am exploring the use of a very limited, largely black and white palette. I am very drawn to archival black and white photography which has become a source of inspiration for some of my recent work." - Jon Barker

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