Karl Lagasse artwork for sale and artist biography

Karl Lagasse is a self-taught artist. Born in Paris on April 4, 1981 in a family of artists, he began to make collages at the age of 7.

At the same time he gets to know tagging from his adoptive brother, a member of the Black Dragons. This is how he became passionate by street art.

From tags and collages, he switched to painting and photography. He sold his first
...paintings at the age of 15 in Antwerp. Today Karl Lagasse is a photographer, painter, video artist and a sculptor. He has shown in Europe, the United States and an upcoming exhibition in India. In 2004, he decided to run from the bustle of the capital and moved to Normandy. His works are born out of a “spontaneous, irresponsible” approach that follows “the course of his emotions”. Once the works completed, he perceives “his own subjectivity and his truth.”

Produced in 2009, his famous works reinterpreting the dollar sign also show his fascination for the United States.
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