Keng Wai Lee artwork for sale and artist biography

Keng Wai Lee's gorgeously rich and vibrant paintings of birds, fish and other animals are a celebration of colour and pattern and an insight into his wild imagination.

Growing up Keng had an affinity for animals and used to spend hours bird watching or staring at the giant goldfish in his parents tanks. Taking this inspiration and acrylic as a medium, his paintings brin
...g to life these little vignettes and stories of his youth.

His images are dreamlike, almost mythical. Working in a contemporary style, he merges figurative depictions with pattern in a collage-like style which is exciting and absorbing.
Born in 1978, Keng Wai Lee is a graduate from Beaux-Arts in London. Since this time he has became an active painter and a best-selling artist for London Contemporary Art.

He says “Using acrylic as a medium, I tend to reminisce through my past getting inspiration to create my artwork. This may come from remembering all my scribbles in my textbooks/school books full of monsters and machines in a apocalyptic world or just indulging in my hobbies of looking at swimming goldfish and local bird watching through my window for hours on end, giving them names and characters.”
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