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Keymi (slang for Mickey) is the pseudonym of French painter and graffiti artist Stephan Raymond. His alias is a fusion of American and Asian cultures, which blends hip-hop and manga comics with pop art.
The Pin-Up series of puzzles pays homage to women of the 1950’s made famous by Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren. These unfinished puzzles reflect a social psychological point o
...f view with each piece of the puzzle representing the essential elements for good mental health.

Keymi first came to prominence in the mid 1990s, inspired by famous illustrators and calligraphists including Sorayama Luis Royo and Fabienne Verdier plus a desire to experiment with different mediums incorporating aerographs, watercolour and acrylics he created a new visual identity that was different to traditional graffiti.

Taking the view that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission Keymi’s graffiti adorns public and private sector buildings and like Banksy is highly collectable.
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