Lawrie Quigley artwork for sale and artist biography

Lawrie Quigley studied on Merseyside, the Midlands and subsequently completing his M.A. in Fine Art at the Royal Academy Schools in London.
Lawrie has exhibited widely throughout the country as well as abroad, mainly with leading London Galleries – and has work in many private and public collections. He has taught Art and Design on a range of Further and Higher Education cou
...rses - notably with Ashbourne College. He has also had several Artist residencies, including the Birmingham Royal Ballet, and has won many awards and prizes throughout his career.
His work is figurative in nature and inspired from the world around him – mainly dealing with the landscape or cityscape, with a particular sensitivity to the light and atmosphere evoked by familiar views….endeavouring to capture the ‘ spirit or mood of place’ – evoked by particular times of day and weather conditions of our environment and the world around us.
In this respect, he aligns himself to the long tradition of British landscape painting – stimulated by artists’ such as Constable, Turner and Bomberg.
To capture the fleeting atmospheric changes that occur in nature he paints in situ in order to be both alert and sensitive in his visual response and interpretation. Enjoying the immediacy and direct response to the landscape through thick and unrestrained paint.
In this way the painterly and abstract qualities conveyed in the mark making, as well as the expressive and spontaneous translation of perceptual experience – becomes part of the subject of the work.
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