Leigh Lambert artwork for sale and artist biography

Born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1979 Leigh Lambert lived in the North East until in 1996.

Leigh began to draw from a very early age, in fact as soon as he could hold a pencil. As he progressed through his school years his attention to detail in his drawings and paintings became very apparent and is subsequently one of the characteristics that makes his work so distinctive

It was only after Leigh left his home city that he realised it’s importance to him, he felt a deep pride for the place where he, his parents and grandparents had grown up. His paintings are inspired by the streets where they lived – the Gateshead terrace owned by his mum’s dad William "Mickey" Curran and the East Newcastle house of his father’s dad Harry Lambert, built for the workers of the local armaments factory.

Leigh's paintings contrast the dominating nature of bleak neighbourhoods on the edge of industry with the glorious colours of childhood innocence. Leigh has developed his own unique style where children play on cobbled streets; optimistic splashes of colour against dark, smoky backdrops of terraced houses.

He depicts the terraced streets perfectly and he has a "canny knack" of enabling his colourful characters to bring these scenes to life with a sense of humour and sheer childlike joy.

With the careful selection of title, each picture captivates the viewer as it evokes that sense of nostalgia and individual childhood memory.

His originals are highly sought after and there is now waiting list for aspiring collectors. Over the years almost all of his limited editions have sold out.
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