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Louise Dear is a contemporary English artist who has exhibited extensively over the past decade. From London to New York and Sydney to L.A, she has also shown at the Royal Academy and sparked the interest of several major museums.
Louise’s childhood memories start with her incredibly happy family life spent living in exotic countries in South Africa & the Far East. At t
...he age of six, the family returned to England and settled in a small, quiet country village in the idillic Hampshire countryside.
Louise originally intend on a career in the fashion industry, leading her to study fashion design at Medway College of Art & Design. After graduating, she relived the happy memories of her youth and travelled around the world visiting Europe, Northern Africa, South East Asia and Australia. Eventually, she settled in Australia for seven years to work as an exhibition designer.
In 1993, Louise moved back to England to give birth to her daughter Lama. After realising her passion for art, she returned to full-time education. Louise graduated from University College Chichester five years later after developing her own distinctive style.

Influenced by Utamaro and the artists of the ‘floating world’, Louise Dear creates large, contemporary and colourful art prints. Indeed, she is passionate about colour and the way it can invade our senses and influence our emotions.
Louise's creative process starts with large sheets of prefabricated aluminium, priming the surface before throwing, rubbing, pouring and dripping inks and dyes, glitter and glosses, to form a background. This initial layer is then sanded, scratched and distressed according to the image which will be overlaid on top.
The artist is continually experiment with a multitude of materials. She is enchanted by their substances, fascinated with their dynamic qualities, unique textures and how they work with one another. As her painting evolves, she become captivated with the marks and how the line within a magnified face or body, organically flows.

Her subjects can be diversified and she always magnified them through dynamic colours and textures creating captivating and affecting art prints. When she talks about her, she says: “I am a painter with a simple ambition; to create beautiful paintings.”
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