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Born in Lancashire, Margaret studied textile and fashion design at Bolton College of Art and has developed a very successful career in the fashion, textile and interior design through production of textiles. Building a career in the design industry, Margaret worked for several large companies, including Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and BHS. During her impressive career, she designed numerous textiles for European and Japanese markets, also working alongside designer Mary Quant, assisting the launch of her household textiles range in Japan.
Throughout her career, Margaret has received several awards, including “The national Newspaper Fashion Award” and was winner of “The House Beautiful Designer of the Year” award for fashion and interior design.
During the last ten years, Margaret has established herself as a freelance artist and designer, working throughout the UK, Spain and the USA creating hand-painted furniture, murals and innovative interiors. Working from her studio on the Lancashire coast, paintings are unique for their distinctive, bold sculptural qualities and additional embossed foil technique. Her choice of subject matter varies from still life imagery to abstract and figurative works, which use vibrant acrylic colour themes.
Margarets career in design has influenced her practice as an artist, and she now produces acrylic art taking in a wide range of subject matter including portraits, still-life, figurative, abstract and her unique 3D art. The influence of her design work in Japan can be felt in many of the natural motifs the artist uses, as they echo classic Japanese style.

Margaret works in various mediums and enjoys experimenting with different techniques and styles. She describes herself as a sort of chameleon, creating works to suit a particular theme, background or interior style, although aspects of her career can be seen in these unusual and decorative pieces which incorporate architecture, history and culture.
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