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Myles Oxenford was born in 1977 in Plymouth and grew up in Scotland. He came down to Cornwall to study for his BA in Art at Falmouth College Of Art and enamoured by the place, ended up remaining there. He has lived in Cornwall now for over 15 years.

Myles paints the landscapes of places close to his heart, the South West coasts, but also frequently returning to paint in
...Scotland, Wales and the Alps. Daily walks with his dog (also a subject matter on rainy days) allow him return to the studio with a memory.

Myles says of his work:

"These are escapist paintings in many ways. They aren't about the geography of the place but more about the atmosphere and emotional response. Playing with the compositions and light, making many layers to the painting, I hope to create something beyond a straightforward representation, that for me - is a true capturing."

"In my work I enjoy balancing between figuration and abstraction. I experiment with colour and brushmark in an aim to capture the atmosphere and experience of being in a landscape."

His landscapes often capture an extended viewpoint; the eye isn't still on one point of focus, instead the painting creates a panorama which comes to life with the light. He likes to instil a calmness within his compositions using a soft palette and capturing the translucent light. He builds up layers by gentle rubbing back the surface and sometimes leaving exposed rawness to create an airy, spacious feel which results in a structured area of painting.

Myles' recent love of flowers and still life has arisen over recent years while sharing a studio with is wife who is a florist. This has allowed him to understand the form and beauty that exists within each individual image that is captured with his delicate application of paint and palette.

Myles work has been exhibited in leading galleries in the United Kingdom since 2000 and his collectors base continues to grow.
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