Nigel Sharman artwork for sale and artist biography

Nigel studied Textile Design at the University of Brighton following an MSC in International Relations from London School of Economics.

Nigel has worked across several design fields both here in the UK and internationally in New York and Southern Africa. While his formal artistic education took place in Brighton he puts his real education down to, ''being dragged rou
...nd the galleries of West Penwith in Cornwall as a small boy by my father and introduced to work by Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson.''

While currently living and working in London, Nigel's roots are firmly in the South West of England, where the landscape and culture still influence his work. He says his influences are the coasts of Cornwall and Devon and the artists that are associated with the region such as Ben Nicholson, Alfred Wallis, Peter Lanyon, Roger Hilton, Patrick Heron. Whilst from further afield Nigel is also looks to mid century European and American painting and the work of Giorgio Morandi, William Scott, and Paul Nash.

Nigel paints oil onto canvas, board or card with particular concern for colour and composition. Though Nigel classes his paintings as 'semi-abstract', there is a strong figurative nature to his work. He takes a real life source, such as a landscape, a harbour, boats, a still life, or a nude and abstracts from them, removing some of the conventions of representation.

By placing objects carefully, Nigel hopes to create ''an awkward but calm relationship'' between his subject and the viewer. The excitement for Nigel is seeing a painting come into being through applying layers of textured, quickly applied paint which is then worked into and seeing the work integrate itself into the canvas as a whole.

''Maybe in ten years time I will be fully abstract. I can't just throw paint around and pretend it means something. I want to evolve and fully understand the thought processes and practices of the modern artists of the mid twentieth century.''
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