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Paolo Bigazzi, Italian artist, was born in Livorno and studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Florence at the "Scuola del Nudo". Living a stone's throw from the Duomo, he imbibed the artistic atmosphere of the city which would prove to have a profound influence on him.

After five years Paolo sought inspiration in the South of France and settled for some time in Cap d'Anti
...bes. He spent his time living and working alongside the painters there and ceramic artists from the nearby village of Vallauris. He enjoyed his time in France, including the company and camaraderie of fellow artist, Picasso.

On returning to Italy, he became a member of the "Cenacolo" group of artists, led by Pietro Annigoni. During this time, interest in his work started to grow and galleries throughout Europe and the United States introduced him to a wider audience.

As Bigazzi became well known in the art world, he continued to exhibit his work, which has been highly regarded by collectors. He is particularly known for his breathtaking landscapes and sweeping panoramic views. He is able to capture the beauty and colour of the countryside with a freshness and vivacity that leaves the viewer desiring more.

In the heart of his paintings are vivid colours of the flowers, as well as contrasts between the hard stone and brick and the fragile delicate flowers; or the red and dry roofs and the green fresh leafs, so there is always this melancholic contradiction behind Bigazzi’s art that at first looks so happy and radiant.

In the last ten years, he has divided his time between England and Tuscany, where he continues to produce and exhibit the work which has given him the stature he enjoys today.

Recent Exhibitions:

  • 2011 - Perth Western Australia
  • 2013 - Galleria Nazionale, Cortona, Tuscany
  • 2014 - Chelsea, London
  • 2015 - Carmel, California
  • 2016 - Unicorn Gallery, Cheshire, England
  • 2017- Galleria Nazionale, Cortona, Tuscany
  • 2018- Unicorn Gallery, Cheshire, England
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