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Born in Iran 1952 into a family with rich artistic heritage her grandfather was a renowned Iranian artist who introduced European canons and academic style of painting to the Iranian art. Her childhood memories of her grandfather's studio and his striking paintings have been a major source of inspiration for her. Thanks to his influence, she always knew that she wanted to be an... artist and never entertained a moment of doubt that this would be her life's work.

She has not ever let a day go by without either painting or planning her next artistic endeavour, and regards art as the single biggest factor in her life. Parastoo is a painter who loves to paint passing impressions and make them last forever. She studied Graphic Design in Iran in the 1970's, and then came to the UK to study Graphics and Animation at Croydon and Bournemouth Art Colleges. She now lives in the heart of Wiltshire.

Parastoo portrays atmosphere and movement by using loose brushwork in both her floral and landscapes. Her floral still lifes are characterised by loose composition and a free and spontaneous style, creating a nostalgic view of the world around us. A textured use of acrylic adds a lushness to the luminous colour palette, with deep pinks and saffron yellows standing out against a muted background. She describes her work as a ''happy celebration of life.''
Parastoo's paintings are product of her vibrant imagination, the images having developed over the years from constant observation and powerful impressions which she fluently expresses onto canvas. Her paintings consist of textural landscapes and dynamic, graceful still life pieces; they are powerful expressions of emotions and the artists mind.
‘It is beautiful to say what you need to say without using any words. To be able to create is a blessing. I believe artistic creations are the highest spiritual achievements in my personal life. Life is about colours and so is painting…….’

As well as exhibiting in many galleries around the United Kingdom, Parastoo has sold her original paintings into private collections all over the world.
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