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Growing up in Wilmslow, Rebecca attended Altrincham Girls Grammar School before graduating with a first class degree in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University and receiving an MA in Museum and Art Gallery Studies from Manchester University.
Rebecca immerses herself in art, including as a tour guide at the Manchester Museum of Art, and cites Frank Auerbach, Mark Rothko and J
...ohn Constable as key influences.

Her work explores the notions of memory and time and the consideration that memory can occupy a physical presence in the present. She says that "everything I do feeds back into my painting. It takes such a long time to process ideas. Before I even think of picking up a brush I immerse myself in the subject matter."

About her recent body of work she says “They developed out of the story of my Italian grandmother. Towards the end of her life she became ill with cancer. Before she died mum and I went to visit her in hospital in Scotland. I remember walking down a long corridor with a window at the end. Suddenly I caught sight of my gran behind the glass. As she turned to look at me I saw how the disease had ravaged her body. This threw up a myriad of contrasting emotions — I knew her yet I didn’t know her, and because of the corridor I felt both near and far."

"It got me thinking about the physical distance between ourselves and our memories. The corridor is a big thing in my work. It’s a kind of limbo, a space between two spaces. You can move forward or back, it’s up to you. There’s also a window in the paintings; it pushes forward yet recedes into the distance. Personally it’s a physical explanation of what I felt the moment I saw my gran. What I want these paintings to do is trigger memories in the viewer.”
Reviewing Rebecca's work in InCheshire magazine in 2017, Malcolm Storer wrote: "The deep emotional content of her work is testament to her dedication. This gifted artist is the real deal."
Despite being only 27, Rebecca has already had three solo exhibitions - in London, Oxford and Cheshire.
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