ROIDS artwork for sale and artist biography

Roid is a renowned London-based typographer with a graffiti background, whose painstakingly precise illustrations are completed entirely by hand.

Born in London, the artist graduated from London’s Camberwell College of Art before joining one of the worlds most celebrated graffiti teams in 2009, working under the collective title of MSK. He had a successful career as a gr
...affiti artist, enjoying a long list of commissions for street and subway wall graffiti. However it wasn't until 2008, his graffiti artwork began to gain serious momentum.

The artists canvases include wood, paper, and even building walls, as ROIDS is also a graffiti street artist. His street art is innovative and progressive on account of his immense talent with letterforms.

Influenced by computer generated designs and glitches, manga, typography, and 80s / 90s nostalgia, he is one of the most distinctive, unique and renowned graffiti artists working today. Influences also come from Japanese graphic design, such as artist Tadanori Yokoo and his collage screen prints which use layering and graphic illustration crossover. The artist draws upon all these influences, drawing them in and trying and create his own style from their influence, and applying them to his images.

After a long career producing work on the streets, ROIDS finds himself spending more time in the studio, as he aims to approach the art scene in the same way that he approach the street art scene. He pushes to explore techniques in his work, eventually ending up with something he is satisfied by.

We exhibited Roid's work in Brighton in 2009 at the 'Haters' exhibition, and in 2011 he exhibited at Known Gallery in Los Angeles alongside Revok and Rime. In the same year Forbes magazine announced him as one of “The 30 Most Important Artists and Designers under 30”
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