Ruby Keller artwork for sale and artist biography

These mixed media paintings show a vibrant yet subtle use of colour, capturing the world around on canvas with humour.

Ruby Keller is in fact the pseudonym for highly regarded artist, Peter Workwick. Peter has always challenged different styles and techniques, and painting under the name of Ruby Keller has given him this ability to explore the art boundaries.

...r started life in a small town in Lancashire, following three years studying art and design, he then travelled around europe, settling in Paris for three years. Having recently returned to England he now lives and works in a studio in Cumbria.

Peter believes in constant experimentation because, he says, challenging himself helps to keep the work fresh. As new ideas present themselves the paintings happens naturally. Striving to improve Peter delights in working with fabric textures and regularly changes his subject matter to set himself new challenges, to enhance his creativity and hone his skills in style, techniques and interpretation.
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