Seiko Kato artwork for sale and artist biography

Japanese artist Seiko Kato creates collages of minute detail on an impressive scale. The artist moved to England in 1999; she studied Photography at college and illustration at the University of Brighton, and now calls the unique creative city of Brighton her home.

An avid collector of found objects and ephemera, in particular finding inspiration in Victorian encyclopead
...ia and medical illustrations. Her work shows a fascination in the macabre and surreal, mixing with playful elements. Her work explores life, death and surrealism with an incredibly patients, making her work both captivating and vibrant.
The artist's creative process involves using many layered collages. Each image is carefully cut out from rare books and botanical magazines by using a tiny scissors. The artist then weaves together the images to create beautiful nature scenes.
Her inspiration comes from Hieronymus Bosch and Ernst Haeckel. Inspired by Bosch’s surreal creatures and playful landscape scenes, as well as Haeckel's attention to detail and a beautiful colour palette. She also finds sources of influence in nature,when creating her unique illustrative interpretation of the natural forms. Her practice is eclectic and delicate.

Seiko's work also crosses over into packaging and other surface design, such as furniture, textiles and ceramics. Clients include Urban Outfitters and Capitol Records; with exhibitions in Berlin, London, Brighton, Japan and Paris.
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